RAEA’s Urban Resort Collection celebrates effortless elegances

RAEA’s Urban Resort Collection celebrates effortless elegances

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The unveiling of RAEA signifies a significant departure for the group from Kitschen, a local Malaysian fashion brand. With a focus on a minimalist and sophisticated colour palette, the launch of RAEA represents a pivotal moment as the group embarks on a new direction under their freshly introduced label. 

In addition to RAEA, the fashion apparel group operates several other brands, including Nichii, Dressing Paula, and Marry Merry. Redefining the concept of urban resort wear, RAEA offers a range of pieces that seamlessly transition between urban and resort living. 

RAEA is set to resonate with individuals seeking accessible luxury and sophistication in their style. Their debut collection presents an array of minimalist-inspired shapes and hues, representing a departure from the usual avant-garde approach to luxury fashion. 


Under the creative direction of Ian Ebrizal, Creative Director of RAEA renowned for his expertise in luxury fashion, the brand has curated a line of urban resortwear characterised by refined silhouettes and rich colours. From tailored trousers to linen blazers, slip dresses to high-waisted jeans, RAEA offers versatile pieces that blend seamlessly into diverse lifestyles.

Inspired by the phrase Made For Your Journey, their collection encapsulates the magic of simplicity, enabling individuals to embrace and cherish the multitude of moments that define life, all while effortlessly exuding a sense of style. 

The collection effortlessly navigates the demands of daily life, offering options for work, casual outings, romantic evenings, and moments of self-indulgence. 

The brand’s palette boasts a harmonious blend of neutral tones and vibrant hues, including deep teal, misty green, vintage gold, warm brown, blue, tan, and ivory white. 

Carefully curated, these colours enable versatile and distinctive styling, embodying the essence of RAEA’s vision.

Reflecting on the creative process behind RAEA, Creative Director of RAEA Ian Ebrizal,  shared, “RAEA draws from the word ‘radiant’, symbolising our collective love of refined casual wear made with luxurious fabrics. The colour palette and light, flowing silhouettes were chosen to suit the Malaysian climate and culture, creating a brand that’s easy to wear and easy to adore.”

The grand debut of RAEA took place at The Grey Box by GMBB on November 2nd, 2023, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the fashion industry. The event featured the unveiling of the new seasonal line. The runway came alive with the unveiling RAEA’s exquisite urban resortwear collection featuring 14 models.


Amidst preparations for their debut, RAEA has initiated plans for their flagship store in 1Utama and a pop-up concept in Mid Valley Megamall, both set to align with the brand’s new vision. 

Additionally, the brand is gearing up for its upcoming festive collections. These include their Christmas collection, which features slinky panelled dresses, minimalist blazers, and flowy trousers in hues of champagne, blush pink, maroon and black. 

Also in the works are the Lunar New Year collection, which features modern interpretations of the ubiquitous qipao, and RAEA’s highly-anticipated Raya collection, which features distinctively detailed maxi dresses, versatile blouses and skirt sets.

The remarkable launch and fashion show of RAEA, have been made possible by the generous support of its esteemed sponsors including Blowfish, Dolce’s, Skind Naturals, Color Rush, Common Market, Dododots,  C Stone, Vase Creation, L1vin, Hammam and Self Supply

From footwear to skincare to pampering our participants, these invaluable contributions have transformed the launch and fashion show into a truly magical experience, adding elegance, style, and luxury to every moment 

Customers eager to explore RAEA’s urban resort apparel can sign up for the newsletter on the official website (www.raeaofficial.com) and enjoy an exclusive 10% welcome discount. For real-time updates, follow @byraea on Instagram.


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