About Us

Our Story

Embarking on its journey in 2023, RAEA evolved from what many knew as Kitschen/Kitsch. In a world where travel is the ultimate expression of life's grand adventures, RAEA emerges as a beacon of timeless sophistication and grace. As we step into this new chapter, each piece in our meticulously curated collection tells a story of beauty, adventure, and the enchantment of urban resort life.

Our brand story is one of aspiration and realization, a testament to the belief that true style knows no boundaries. At RAEA, we've dedicated ourselves to crafting urban resortwear that mirrors the spirit of wanderlust, where each piece embodies the perfect blend of fashion-forward design and practicality. It's a collection that seamlessly carries you from tranquil beachside getaways to the vibrant heart of resort life.

But RAEA is more than just clothing; it's a philosophy that encourages every traveler to become a storyteller, a symbol of grace, and an ambassador of sophistication. Join us on this enchanting journey, where each garment is not just an article of clothing but an embodiment of the elegance that defines RAEA. Welcome to RAEA, where your journey is as exquisite as the destination itself.

How do you pronounce 'RAEA'?

It's pronounced 'Ray-ah.' Just like the radiant rays of the sun gracing tranquil shores, our name signifies the effortless allure that embodies urban resort living.

Our Vision:

At RAEA, we want to be the leading urban resortwear label globally, recognized for our commitment to producing versatile and stylish pieces that stand the test of time. We envision a world where travelers can effortlessly exude sophistication and grace wherever their journey takes them, all while feeling comfortable and confident in their RAEA attire.

Our Mission:

Our mission at RAEA is to empower modern travelers with elegant and timeless resortwear that effortlessly complements any destination. We aim to inspire confidence and style, creating garments that are not just clothing but an essential part of your journey.

Our People

Celebrating the imminent launch of RAEA, a brand devoted to urban resortwear, is our dedicated team, who have tirelessly crafted our vision into reality. For months, we've poured passion, creativity, and unwavering commitment into every thread, resulting in a collection that seamlessly embodies urban resort living. Each piece is a testament to our shared dedication to redefining resortwear elegance. Join us on this journey, where every garment reflects our collective devotion.

Our Boutiques

Experience RAEA's Evolution: As we transition from Kitschen to RAEA, our retail outlets at Mid Valley, Southkey Johor, and One Utama are currently undergoing a transformation to embody the spirit of urban resortwear. Stay tuned for an elevated shopping experience that seamlessly blends elegance and adventure. In the coming year, our stores at The Mines, The Starling, and Aeon Bukit Mertajam Penang will also embrace the RAEA essence. Join us on this exciting journey, where style, confidence, and versatility converge in every corner.